Chain 3-32' - 98 link

Chain 3-32' - 98 link

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Chain 3-32' - 98 link
Bike chains wear out over time due to regular use and environmental factors such as riding in dirt or through water, and having a faulty chain can render your Brompton out of action. Regularly check your chain and monitor it to ensure safe and effective riding and when the time comes to replace it, here is our Chain 3-32' with 98 Links.

This Brompton Chain is a replacement for when your chain shows signs of wear through stretching, rust, stiff links, or chain skipping. This chain has a SPRAM Powerlink for your 3-speed Brompton folding bike with a 50-tooth front chainring or derailleur (2-speed or 6-speed bike) and a 44-tooth front chainring. Thanks to the Powerlink this chain offers a quick connection, designed to make chain installation and removal more convenient so you can disconnect and reconnect without the need for specialist tools.

If your chain looks damaged and isn't performing as well as it once did, invest in this new, reliable, and durable chain so you can get back on your Brompton within minutes after a quick and easy installation.
The 3-32' chains were introduced in 2002 so chains before that date would be 1/8in width.
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No of Gears
Rim Chain
7 Speed
Mk5 RF
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Chain 3-32' - 98 link

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