Brompton Toolkit

Brompton Toolkit

Color: Black
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The Brompton Bike Repair Toolkit contains everything you need to fix a puncture and make running repairs and adjustments to your bike.
It fits discretely within the front frame tube such that, when the bike is in use, the toolkit is fully enclosed and safe within the frame.
Brompton Toolkit

Why let life’s bumps in the road stop your joyful journey? Fix it and go with our Brompton Toolkit. It’s designed to be discrete and fully enclosed within the frame, but it’s created to keep your eyes fixed on the horizon. It’s compact, lightweight and has everything you need to fix a puncture and make repairs so you can get on with your day.

Our Toolkit includes tyre levers with 8mm and 10mm spanners, a 15mm spanner with ratchet driver, pozi and a flat screwdriver bit, puncture repair patches, sandpaper, a 2.5mm and 5mm hex bit and a 2mm and 6mm hex bit. Weighing less than half a pound, being prepared for anything doesn’t need to weigh you down.

Go anywhere, be anything and enjoy a journey of beauty and refinement without the worry of getting stopped in your tracks. With the Brompton Toolkit, you’ve got everything you need to keep things rolling.

0.49 Lbs
Fits inside the front frame tube in a neat, enclosed package
The Toolkit is not compatible with bikes built prior to 2004, as these have a shorter wheelbase than current bikes

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Brompton Toolkit

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