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Posted on 17th May 2022: Brompton P Line product correction - Official programme to replace the wheel nut.

During our quality control testing, we found that it's possible to damage the thread of the front wheel nut during installation on some bikes. This could lead to the front wheel not securing correctly to the fork. 


So far, there have been no reported incidents of this happening to any P Line owners.



It's possible to damage the thread of the front wheel nut during installation on some bikes. This could lead to the front wheel not securing correctly to the fork.


Location of the P Line wheel nut with a zoomed in close-up


The small number of bikes potentially affected are P Line models with a serial number lower than 2203113405.
 A, C, T Line, Superlight bikes are not affected. 
P Lines with a serial number higher than 2203113405 are not affected. 

You can find your P Line bike's serial number on the rear of your seat tube post. 

If you have a serial number lower than 2203113405, use the visual guide and description below to check the front wheel nut on your bike. 

The old nut has a shorter cut-out on the horizontal side whereas the cut-out for the new nut extends to the end of the nut. 
If you have the new wheel nut, you don't need to do anything else. For those who have an affected wheel nut, we will get a new one to you.


A before & after depiction of the old and new P Line wheel nut


We will provide you with a wheel nut replacement kit.


The kit includes:

One replacement wheel nut for the front wheel.

The correct size hex key to fit the nut.


We have created a short step-by-step video with instructions to guide you on replacing your wheel nut. It takes around one minute on average to complete.



We will post your kit directly to you. We kindly ask you to enter your bike serial number* and country of residence on the form below.


Once you have done that, we will send you an email with a link to our website and a code to enter at the checkout, so you can order your kit and choose where to have it delivered.


How can I know if my bike is affected?

If the serial number of your Brompton P Line is lower than 2203113405, your bike may be affected. A further visual check can be carried out without removing the front wheel nut. Click here to view the picture.

Why do I need to change the nut?

During our quality controls we identified that the old design of the front wheel nut does not run all the way to the top of the part which in certain circumstances the front wheel skewer nut thread can become partially or full stripped. For these reasons we decided to redesign the nut and replace it on all the P line bikes affected.

Where can I get the update?

We will post your kit directly to you. Please click to request your kit.


For more information, read through our FAQs.


If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, you can contact the Brompton Customer Service team by filling in the form below, messaging us on Live Chat, or calling us Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm UK time at +44 20 4538 2559