Planet Planet


We collect environmental and manufacturing data from every part of our business. By crunching these numbers, we gain a clear picture of where we are and what we need to do to improve.

Although, we remain committed to reaching net zero by 2050, we’re aiming to get there even sooner.

Climate change

The Climate Crisis is the defining issue of our times.  As a global manufacturer, we have a duty and a  responsibility to respond with ambitious leadership in our sector. Our carbon reduction plan involves changes to both our operations and supply chains.

An image of pallets outside of the Brompton Bicycle factory

Our London Factory cut its waste in half over the last five years.

Building on this success, we are rolling out new recycling processes and reducing packaging.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

The waste management system at our London factory covers everything from metal scrap to coats of paint.

In 2023 we reduced our metal scrap rate, continued to operate a powder-coating paint process that reuses paint from one frame to another and recycled 62% of waste at Greenford.

An image of Brompton mainframes


A new approach to water management


To achieve high-quality brazing and painting results, we must carefully wash the steel tubes used to make our bikes. Naturally, this is water intensive. By investing in a new water recycling washing system, we have reduced this waste and pollution.

The system continuously recovers and re-uses wash water, offering a more efficient process and reducing usage. Once the system is full, it is sent to specialists who recover and clean even more water.

Steel tubes used to craft Brompton Bikes

Packaging is an essential part of our business. We need it to ensure parts and components are transported safely and without damage.

However, despite its importance, we recognise we must reduce the overall volume. That’s why we’ve started using returnable packaging with several suppliers to reduce our overall waste.

The Schwalbe recycling system bin. Brompton Bicycle carefully extracts and separates our inner tubes and tyres, then sets them aside for future use in new Schwalbe products

Packing and shipping bikes generates too much waste. We need to make significant reductions through efficiencies and improving the materials we use.

We are now working to reduce the volume of plastic in consumer packaging and use more sustainable materials. In 2023 we started using plastic inserts inside our bicycle box to protect our bikes during shipping. In 2024 we’re redesigning the bike box to protect our bikes without using plastic.

An image of the Brompton bikes

Built to last

The ethos of our first ever bike informs everything we do - a useful product that stands up to everyday use. There's no in-built obsolescence, just continuous improvement.

Every Brompton bike is handmade, tested and quality assured with a 7-year frame warranty.

our pillars of sustainability

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