Dani KM tends to point her lens at, and for, some of modern culture’s biggest names. Scroll through her Instagram, and it’ll throw up bright and bold shoots with brands like Nike ACG, celebs such as Post Malone, and magazines including THE FACE. Little wonder, then, that the 27-year-old London native busily bounces around the capital on a daily basis, mostly on her bike. 

“I see Bromptons all the time, and I’ve always wondered if they feel weird to ride,” she tells us, shortly after returning from a camping trip to the Peak District with her new Brompton x Bear Grylls bike.

“Let me tell you – they ride pretty great!” 

Photographer Dani KM

Dani and her Brompton BG weren’t alone on their rail and ride camp-out trip into one of the UK’s favorite national parks. Joining the outdoor photography specialist was a long-time pal and pro climber, Eugenie Lee.

Both decided that heading back to where they worked on their first climbing project together would be an ideal adventure and proving ground for their inaugural BG trip. Even more so with Eugenie’s cat, Yakult, on hand to pass the final verdict. 

Photographer Dani KM in a tent with the Brompton x Bear Grylls folding bike

“I loved that there was no need to book a cycle ticket for the train,” Dani says when we asked how the Brompton got on.

“What a relief. The BG also fitted perfectly inside my tent, meaning I didn’t need to find somewhere on the campsite to lock it up. What’s more, there was no need for me to take a backpack on the trip – I packed everything I needed into the bike’s bags.” 

The Brompton x Bear Grylls folding bike packed down on a train with the Brompton x Bear Grylls luggage

After leaving the hills and returning to her home city, we asked Dani to give us a tour of her five favorite small but mighty and Brompton-friendly coffee shops in London.

Caffeine shakes incoming… 


Di Lieto, SW9 

“This place has been run by the same Italian family since 1980. It’s a bakery, coffee shop, and an amazing spot for some genuinely affordable (and hearty) pasta lunches. It’s my ultimate caffeine stop.” 




Italo Delicatessen, SW8

“It’s just such a great Italian deli. It’s really close to VauxWall climbing gym, so popping in for a coffee and one of their absolutely massive sandwiches after a bouldering sesh is a must.” 




Lisboa Patisserie, W10 

“I’m from Lisbon, so I’m never not in the mood for a classic Portuguese breakfast. Get a cheese sandwich, a pear juice, and a chocolate. It’s the ultimate combo.” 




Cable Café, SW9 

“If you like your hot chocolates, please, please get yourself to Cable Café and ask for the thick Italian kind. I think about it all the time.” 




Delizie D’Italia, SW1V 

“I really hope you like Italian delis as much as I do because here’s another. As well as great coffee, you’ve got a huge selection of amazing groceries and pastries to take away with you. I can guarantee you’ll never see an arancini ball more perfect than the ones they make here.” 


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