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Find your ride and joy

Find your ride and joy



For the city rider

Whether you're commuting to work or popping to the local coffee shop. These models are an essential tool for daily use.
person riding brompton c line
C Line
The original Brompton folding bike. With a robust steel frame, proudly handmade in London. The most customizable Brompton model.
a line placeholder
A Line
Keep it simple with a one-size-fits-all spec. The original 3-part fold and three easy-to-use hub gears.

For an all-electric boost

Supercharge your day with Formula 1 technology. The Smart Pedal Assist gets you up to 45 miles of battery-powered range, making hills a breeze.
placeholder electric c line
Electric C Line
Bringing the same 'go-anywhere joy' the Brompton bike is famous for, with the oomph and ease of electric.
electric p line placeholder
Electric P Line
The most compact folding e-bike, made even lighter. Just 34.4 lbs thanks to a titanium and steel frame and best in class components.
c line bumblebee yellow studio shot c line bumblebee yellow studio shot

Colors as fun as the bike

A color for every mood. Our C Line and Electric C Line range have 9 colors and seasonal specials to choose from.

For the go-everywhere adventurer

Whether you're zipping through tight alleyways or you're more at home on a wide country road. Add some waterproof luggage and you're ready to ride, rain or shine.
C line placeholder
C Line Explore
Get your daily do-it-all bike with our Explore range. More gears to take you out of your city and beyond.
p line placeholder
P Line Urban
Made for speed. Naturally shock absorbing titanium and advance suspension block smooth the road.
brompton beyond lifestyle shot
Brompton x Bear Grylls
We teamed up with world-famous adventurer Bear Grylls to create a Brompton that's spec'd for adventure.
bag image
Waterproof luggage system
The best way to carry anything on your bike is with a Brompton bag, designed to handle the elements.

For the lightest ride

Handcrafted with premium titanium parts, the T Line, P Line and Electric P Line models are the lightest bikes in our range.
t line riding shots
T Line
At 16.4 lbs with a reengineered titanium frame, T Line delivers unmatched performance and practicality.
p line placeholder
P Line
Saving almost 4.4 lbs on the all-steel equivalent. Advance Roller Wheels glide over uneven ground for enhanced portability.
elecric p line placeholder
Electric P Line
Lift and carry, easily. Just 34.4 lbs thanks to a titanium and steel frame and best in class components.

For the weekend explorer

Perfectly fits into the trunk of your car or on the train - for those who like to explore everything the city has to offer on the weekends.
c line urban
C Line Urban
Designed for efficient, lightweight city riding, with minimalist 2-speed setup and a simple gear trigger.
P Line Urban lifestyle placeholder
P Line Urban
The lightweight folding bike with a superlight compact 4-speed gear system — fine-tuned for city riding.

The Folding Bike Buyer's Guide

Everything you need to know when buying your folding bike - our guide covers the 10 things you need to know.

A woman carrying a folded Brompton P Line onto a train

Stay in the know

Keep in touch with all things Brompton. Find out about upcoming collaborations, events and more.