Bonberi founder Nicole Berrie isn’t your standard wellness and healthy eating guru. She’s all about trusting your body and embracing the joy of food. And with New York City full of fresh tastes to explore, a Brompton x Bear Grylls bike could come in pretty handy – especially for a cycling novice.

“I’ve always envied the cyclists getting about, to and from work, and was surprised how easy and fun it was to bike about the city,” Nicole tells us, after riding around Manhattan’s scenic Hudson River Park on her Brompton x Bear Grylls bike.

“My friends were so surprised to see me on a bike but I think this is my new personality. Honestly, I’m not very outdoorsy and I felt this was totally in my wheelhouse - no pun intended. It was super easy to handle on bike lanes and bumpy pavements.”

Nicole Berrie with her Brompton folding bike on the Hudson River in NYC

Outdoorsy or not, Nicole is rarely in one place for long. If she’s not at home working on her website Bonberi, cooking up recipes for her Instagram, or sketching out the follow up to her Body Harmony cookbook, she’s over at her plant-based deli Bonberi Mart, or flitting around NYC in search of inspiration.

“The Brompton BG is so convenient for helping me stay active,” Nicole says when we ask her how it fits into her day-to-day place-hopping.

“I love how chic and stylish the frame is, too, and how easily it compacts itself down into small spaces. I work at home and at my shop, and it was so simple to fold up under our coffee bar, and in our closet.”

Nicole Berrie's shop, BonberiMart

“It took me 30 minutes, specifically getting the back wheel in place, but once I figured out how to unfold and fold the bike I felt confident to do it on the road,” Nicole says, telling us how her new two-wheel BFF offers her the sustainable transport she was looking for.

“Plus taking an uber or taxi cab is getting more expensive, so using the Brompton solves both problems!”

Nicole Berrie riding her Brompton x Bear Grylls folding bike in NYC

After mastering the art of Brompton-folding, we got Nicole on to her favourite topic: her top healthy food stops around New York City. 

Prepare for hunger pangs.


Knead Love Farmstand at Union Square Greenmarket, W & E 17th St, New York City

(on Wednesdays)

“Those in the know are obsessed with Sarah from Knead Love’s gluten-free baked goods. I discovered them when I opened Bonberi Mart and immediately started selling them. She’s a wizard at making childhood classics like doodle cupcakes and cinnamon rolls, but vegan, gluten-free and sweetened with maple syrup. Her everything-gluten-free bagel on weekends at the Mart has become a cult classic.”


Balthazar Bakery, 214 S Dean St, Englewood, New Jersey

“Tons of cyclists cross the George Washington Bridge out of the city and up the Palisades Parkway every weekend, but if you take a break and head down to Englewood, the first exit off the Bridge, you’ll find Balthazar Bakery’s factory and retail outpost where you can get the freshest loaves of sourdough.”


East Village Organic, 124 1st Avenue, New York City

“Quality organic juice bars are few and far between in the city since they’ve given way to trendier cold-pressed bottle joints, which are just not as good. But Ali, the owner of East Village Organic, stays true to the craft. He sources the best organic produce and has a cult following thanks to his small but mighty menu of juices and smoothies. My favourite is the Green Energy smoothie, which is spirulina-based and mixes a crunchy bite of dates and bee pollen.”


Abingdon Farmers Market, Hudson St & W 12 St, New York City

(on Saturdays)

“Everyone knows about the Union Square Greenmarket but on Saturday many of the beloved farm stands, from Norwich Organic Farms to Bread Alone, set up shop in the West Village. It’s not as crowded and you can meander along trying gluten-free vegan muffins, fresh sprouts, and hen-of-the-woods mushrooms from local upstate purveyors. I love to go early before the blueberry muffins sell out – they’re my kids’ faves.”


Bonberi Mart, 321 W 11th St, New York City

“I’m a bit biased but this is my favourite health food shop and grab-and-go in the city. I founded it as an homage to the corner delis I grew up with but instead stocked with all the healthiest and cleanest plant-based goods. The top three things I’d recommend are the Bonberi green smoothie, dulse caesar salad, and the chickpea tuna melt on gluten-free Knead Love focaccia. They’re all life-changing!”

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