A happy person riding their Brompton folding bike at night with the Bright Night luggage collection attached to the front of their bike A happy person riding their Brompton folding bike at night with the Bright Night luggage collection attached to the front of their bike

Cycling Essentials for Safety

Dive into the essentials of bike lighting, toolkits, and gear that combine safety with style.


As the air turns crisp and daylight becomes a cherished commodity when the clocks go back, the journey on two wheels enters a season where visibility and safety become paramount.

For the cycling community, the descent of the cooler months signifies more than just a change in temperature. It beckons a renewed focus to light the way and be seen.

Bicycle lights are your friend in the bustling city. They’re making sure you can see where you’re going and that all who share the road can too, helping you tackle the urban landscape with ease and style.

A white reflector at the front of your bike catches the headlights of oncoming traffic, while the red rear reflector lets everyone know you’re rolling through, making it a smooth, secure ride from start to finish.

Our core range of bikes equipped with the Schwalbe Marathon or Marathon Racer tires all have the reflective strip to aid in visibility in the darker months ahead.

A happy person in reflective clothing riding their Brompton folding bike in the twilight with the Bright Nights Luggage Collection attached to the front of their bike

While ensuring visibility is paramount, the importance of another trusty companion cannot be missed - the toolkit. Just as bike lights lead the way in dark settings, a toolkit can be the saving grace during unforeseen hiccups.

Think of it as the unsung hero in your journey. A multitool can help you tighten a loose bolt or adjust a wayward saddle, ensuring your bike functions at its prime throughout the season. The Brompton Toolkit comes with the common-sized tools and puncture patches for quick fixes on the go.

With changes in temperature come changes in tire pressure

Overnight chills can reduce the pressure in your tires and make it harder (and less safe!) to cycle. It’s always a good idea to keep on top of your tire pressure – we recommend a weekly top up to 90 PSI.

Our C Line Explore and Electric C Line Explore folding bikes come with the Lezyne pump which mount to the rear frame of your bike – ready to grab and go whenever you need. The Pump with Mounting Brackets can be attached to the frame of any of our Brompton range.

A person pumping a Brompton tyre with the Pump with Mounting Brackets

Add a dash of elegance with a Thousand Heritage Helmet, available in a wide range of colors to match your look.

person wearing thousand heritage helmet

As the season turns, salt, soil and grit on the roads are to be expected. Keep your home (or office) free from the elements by using the Brompton Bike Cover when you arrive at your destination. Designed to neatly tuck away your Brompton when folded, keep your bike and space protected until your next ride.

All Brompton luggage was designed to click neatly onto the Front Carrier Block, included on all Brompton folding bikes except for A Line and T Line. Available in a range of sizes, our Waterproof Luggage keeps your belongings dry in an unexpected downpour.

Having the right tools foster a sense of freedom. Being prepared for the change of seasons means you're not reliant on bike shops or helpful strangers.

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