Advance Single Speed Chain Tensioner

Advance Single Speed Chain Tensioner

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Advance Single Speed Chain Tensioner

This is our Advance Single Speed Chain Tensioner for a 4-speed Brompton folding bike. This tensioner helps you to avoid the chain coming off the sprocket so you can enjoy an uninterrupted journey on your Brompton. The Chain Tensioner attaches to the rear frame of the bike where it keeps your chain tight and allows your Brompton to fold.

Our Chain Tensioner is a handy device that is used to help maintain proper tension in your Brompton's chain, therefore reducing the chances of it becoming too loose. This is especially useful for our single-speed Bromptons, where there is no derailleur system to automatical adjust the chain tension.

Our Advance Single Speed Chain Tensioner is suitable to use with an MK6 Drivetrain and a Chainring size of 50T/54T. After lots of use, your chain tensioner can show signs of wear and tear so this is the replacement part of your single-speed Brompton. To make sure your Brompton keeps moving smoothly so you never need to stop and fix a loose chain, choose our Advance Single Speed Chain Tensioner.

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Advanced (Mk6)
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Advance Single Speed Chain Tensioner

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