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Staff Picks: Peter Yuskauskas

Often referred to as 'Mr.Brompton', Peter Yuskauskas is a fixture on the New York City Brompton scene. He was first introduced to Brompton through a job at NYCe Wheels, a now shuttered NYC Brompton dealer.


"As soon as I saw the Brompton unfold, I was hooked! The combination of engineering, cycling, design, and style took hold of my imagination and it's been living there ever since," Peter explains. 

Peter's depth of experience with Brompton makes him the perfect person to recommend products from our new shoppable website.


1. London Waterproof Jacket in Red


Brompton Staff Picks: Peter Yuskauskas. Red Endura Jacket  


“My most recent favorite - and a timely choice for the fall and winter seasons - is the London Waterproof Jacket in Red from our new City Apparel Collection with Endura. I love a red jacket and this one has the added benefit of cleverly hidden reflective bits which tuck away when you don't need them. 


When you're back on the bike it's a quick flick to expose these patches of bright and safety boosting fabric and be on your way. I wear a Medium but there are sizes from XS to XL and the fits are tailored for each size, which is awesome. (There's no women's version of this jacket but we're offering an awesome women's 3-in-1 jacket from Endura, which has many similar features).”


2. Brompton Toolkit

Brompton Staff Picks: Peter Yuskauskas. Brompton Toolkit  


“This dang toolkit - it's amazing! Everything you need to fix your bike on the fly and it disappears into the frame when you don't need it. I love nothing more than something that performs a necessary function, is efficiently designed, and elicits an ‘oh wow, that's cool!’ from anyone who might happen to be watching me use it. 


The Brompton Toolkit is this type of item. For years people would ask me at the retail store, ‘Why don't you put XYZ in the seatpost/frame/saddle/etc.’ Well, we finally put X, Y and Z all in the frame. That's probably why it's not just one of my staff-picks, but also our best selling accessory globally.”


3. B75



“Of all the Brompton's I've ridden and all the Bromptons I've shown people in nearly 10 years selling the bike, there's been one common reaction, ‘Why is it so expensive?’ 


What you don't see on the surface of a $1,700 Brompton is what goes into making one and how transformative the bike can be thanks to 40 years of perfecting the design, looking for functional improvements, relentlessly innovating their manufacturing processes, and discovering new ways to expand the function of the bike


I can tell you now better than ever how well worth it a Brompton is. That said, not everyone can afford it. Enter B75 - a $995 Brompton bike that folds the same way but with features reduced to the most basic level in order to make it accessible.


This is a great bike for someone who wants the convenience of a Brompton and is less particular about having lots of gears or fenders for wet days. It's not going to feel the same as our core bikes, which benefit from all the innovation in engineering, but it WILL fold a lot smaller than other bikes in the sub $1,000 price range and that makes all the difference.


So, if you're a Brompton owner and looking to add a second bike for a guest or friend who visits, or have a kid who’s off to college who could get around campus more easily, consider the B75. It's the compactness of a regular Brompton built to meet a price-point that's more accessible for the person who doesn't need the full set of features.”

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