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Brompton Gifts for Everyone in Your Life

The countdown to the holidays is on! We all have those hard-to-shop-for people in our lives, and Brompton’s online store has the solutions for you! We pulled out our top gifts for the holiday season so you can cross everyone off your nice list.

All orders from offer free returns and exchanges and free shipping over $200! Order by 12/15 for parts and accessories and 12/9 for stock bikes to receive your gifts in time for Christmas.


For Your Favorite College Student

Brompton B75, Brompton Holiday Gift Guide


The B75 is the perfect bike for college life. Coming in at just $995, this simple Brompton is prepared to take on the beating of four years of books, dorms, and late nights. 

The B75 folds the same as a standard Brompton, so your college student can bring it inside with them - lessening the risk of theft - and store it in their tight dorm room! 

The main difference between the B75 and the standard Brompton are the specs; the pedals don’t fold, it only comes in a 3-speed option, and an E-type (no fenders, no rack), but it’s more than enough to get from the dorms to the classroom. Who knows, you might just spark a lifelong love of Brompton... and what’s a better gift than that?

Shop B75

For the At-Home Tinkerer

Sila Toolkit Brompton Christmas, Brompton Holiday Edit, Brompton Gift Guide

Brompton lovers appreciate high quality, well engineered products, and there is no better home tool kit than the Brompton Home Tool Kit by Silca! 

Like Brompton, Silca believes in perfection is in the details and that the best things in life are designed to last forever. This toolkit is a piece that will be cherished for a lifetime. The kit consists of a set of hex keys that are designed to have the best fit, decreasing the likelihood of stripping bolts. 

The kit also includes a variety of adaptor bits to help tackle every project. All of these high-end pieces are encased in a Beechwood box engraved with Andrew Ritchie’s “Side Elevation of the Folded Bicycle.”


Shop Brompton Home Tool Kit by Silca


For the Bike Path Warrior


Brompton Bicycle, Brompton Holiday Edit, Spurcycle Bell


The Spurcycle bell has a powerful, enduring ring that lasts three-times longer than competitors— which is sure to alert all the bike path traffic of the speeding Brompton en route to work (or play!).

The Spurcycle bell comes with a highly adaptable mounting system making it easy to fit on any bar configuration.


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For the Speed Demon

Brompton Christmas, Holiday Edit, Brompton Gift Guide, Schwalbe Tire 

Schwalbe Tan Wall tires are the fastest, lightest, and grippiest tires ever introduced for Brompton. First premiered on the race-ready Brompton X CHPT3, the Schwalbe Tan Walls are now available as an upgrade for any Brompton. 

These are more than just lightweight tires, pro-cyclist David Millar tested them on the cobblestones of Belgium and they held up to the challenge!


Shop Schwalbe Tan Wall Tires


For The All Weather Commuter

Brompton Christmas, Holiday Edit, Brompton Gift Guide, Barcelona Packable Jacket

The Barcelona Packable Jacket is the perfect solution for someone who’s not afraid of the conditions! 

The jacket folds into its own pocket and can be attached to the saddle, so that it is right there when you need it. This jacket is windproof, water-resistant, and reflective, making it a great option for whatever gets thrown at you!

For the Frequent Flyer

Brompton Christmas, Holiday Edit, Brompton Gift Guide, Travel Bag 


Brompton owners have had a lot of luck carrying Bromptons on domestic flights (just check out the crew at Brompton Mafia!), but if you’re looking to check your bike the Padded Travel Bag is the way to go! 

Redesigned for 2019, the bag is reinforced on the sides and has four wheels to make navigating through the airport a breeze. The new bag is perfect for people who like to get off the plane and head right out into the world, as it folds down into a slim, small package that you can wear over your shoulder as you roll away from all the traffic at the airport and get on with your adventure!

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