Spurcycle Bell - Raw


Product description

Spurcycle Bells create a powerful, enduring sound. Give notice well in advance with a loud, convincing tone.

Precision-built in the USA for a lifetime of way clearing; Spurcycle Bell in Raw is exceptional in functionality, design, beauty, and overall performance. Engineered for quality sound, these bells ring 3x longer than any other bike bell.

Product Specification

  • Weight: 45g
  • Dimensions: 30mm x 20.5mm
  • Material: Premium quality brass and stainless steel
  • Good vibrations: Engineered for quality sound. Spurcycle bells ring 3x longer than others.
  • Finish: Raw – pure raw metal finish / Black DLC (diamond like carbon coating)
  • Suitable on all Brompton handlebars. Highly adaptable mounting system.