The Best Folding Bike


The best folding bike

1. You can take it anywhere

The Brompton folds 2/3rds the size of other folding bikes, allowing you to bring into trains, buses, taxis, offices, restaurants and more.

Folding size: 23 x 22.2 x 10.6 inches.

More details here.

2. It’s easy to fold - just watch

It might take you 30 seconds the first time, but in no time you'll be folding in 10 seconds flat. Plus, the bike locks together when folded so it will never flop open on the go.

Watch the video to see how easy it is to fold.

3. It will pay for itself

Replace a 2 mile cab ride with a bike ride. Park for free a few miles away and ride into downtown. Take the train into work and bike home for exercise. These are just a few examples how you can save time and money when you ride as part of your commute.

Cost Calculator

a month
a month

...the average Brompton will pay for itself in:


4. It’s proven to last a lifetime

We've refined the Brompton design over more than 40 years, building each bike by hand at our factory in London. It gives is the highest sense of pride to know that some of our earliest bikes are still on the road, still putting in mile after mile.


5. It's far less likely to be stolen

Riding to work? Take it up to your office. Riding to a cafe? Take it in with you. Riding on the train? We bet it files between the seats. There's rarely a situation where you can't bring your Brompton right in with you.