Brompton Explore Edition

A bike to find a new route, or plan your next escape

Take the long route

To celebrate cycling’s inherent spirit of adventure, we have created Explore. Kitted out and ready for you to either find a new route, or plan your next escape. Pedal the road less travelled through town or pack up the bag and bust out of the city to the great outdoors.


Informed by our design and product teams many long distance trips by Brompton, the Explore edition has been carefully spec’d and kitted out to make sure you’re ready for the next long trip, or any slight diversion from the city.


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Explore Interactive Bike Block Image


Finished in earthy hues of Forest Green and Explore Orange inspired by the landscape.


Marathon Racer Folding Tyres in Tanwall, the best all round tyre, now folding.


An Explore saddle pouch loaded with accessories to keep you on the go.


The M or H Type handlebar, with gum rubber grips, offer the best comfort for extended time in the saddle.


Features a Brooks Cambium C17 All Weather Saddle in special Giallo finish.
fold bicycle gears


The lower 6 speed with 44T chainring gear range aids climbing and luggage.

Travel Ready

Breeze through airports and transit hubs with our custom made travel bag.

Explore in Action

Adventurer Alastair Humphreys has form for taking Brompton bikes to remote places. So when it came to testing out the new Explore Edition, we knew exactly who to pick up the phone to – did Al have any ideas for an adventure that could start in the city and show how you could get into the great outdoors with a Brompton? Of course he did… With filmmaker Tem, they headed off to the Scottish Highlands and this film is the result.

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The only thing you need now is the idea of where to go, good thing we’ve thought of that too!


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