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The folding bike that fits. Everywhere.

Portability is at the heart of what makes a Brompton such a versatile and practical folding bike for everyday use. Folding to a size just about the size of a carry-on suitcase (23" x 22.2" x 10.4"), you'll find yourself riding more and more as you discover all the ways it fits in your life.

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Brompton Folding Bike

Made for commuting

Brompton Folding Bicycle

The Brompton folds small enough to stash it under your seat, in an overhead bin, or between your legs as you stand in a crowded subway car.


Commuter bikes

Made for travel

Brompton Folding Bicycle

Whether you're traveling by car, by train, or by plane - no folding bike fits better than a Brompton.

Made for storage

Brompton Folding Bicycle

Easily fits into the smallest of apartments. No leaving your bike outside in the elements.

Made for you.

The Brompton is designed to make riding a bike easy. It frees you from the routes and schedules of public transit. It folds fast, smooth, and securely in moments. Plus, it pays for itself in transit fares, gas, and gym membership costs in a matter of months!

Brompton Benefits
Brompton Folding Bike

Keeps you comfy

Brompton folding bike

Bromptons are designed for comfort without sacrificing speed.


City bikes

Cares for itself

Brompton Folding Bicycle

By using only the best and most durable parts and designs, we've ensured you'll have a care-free riding experience.

Carries your stuff for you

Brompton Folding Bicycle

Every Brompton is compatible with a range of bags that clip right to the bike. Let the bike do the work for you!

Make it your own.

Life is better with choices. We built our compact folding bike to be personalized and customized to suit your needs - and your style! Explore the possibilities and make it your own by using our bike builder to design the folding bike you've been looking for.

Build Your Own
Brompton Folding Bicycle

Try and buy locally.

You'll find Brompton at over 120 of the best bike shops in the USA. Our dealers stock the most popular models for their region. If you want something more personalized, use our Bike Builder to order your very own custom Brompton!

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Brompton Folding Bike

Made in London.

Bromptons have been hand built in London since 1975. Originally designed as a way for commuters to ride to a station, take their bike on a train, and connect the last few miles in the city, Brompton remains focused on providing the absolute best and most durable transportation and travel solution.

A deep commitment to perfection is at the core of everything we do.

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Brompton Folding Bicycle