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Brompton folding bicycle

Portable and practical

Our carrying bags make it easy to bring your Brompton into a fancy office, a classy restaurant, or on flights abroad.  

Don't lock it, hide it.

Folding bikes are great, until someone tells you they're not allowed inside. We've found that if security can't see the bike, they don't ask questions. 

Slip one of our cover bags over your Brompton before entering the lobby. It's cheaper than a good lock and offers far more security. 

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Brompton folding bike

Taking a longer trip?

With a bike so well suited to travel we knew we needed to offer an easy way to take a Brompton on a plane, train or boat. 

The B-Bag offers more protection than the cover, with sturdy straps and added stability thanks to a lightweight aluminum base with built in castors for mobility. 

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Brompton folding bicycle